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Autumn is the time of year we honor a long summer of hard work as we soak in the harvest of our efforts. It reminds us of the innately abundant nature of the human experience. It is a season to gather not just crops but also gratitude - to recognize the many aspects of our lives that are full and good as a result of our dedicated and intentional efforts. Just as we harvest the life-sustaining products of the Earth, may we also acknowledge the overflowing abundance that dwells within us and all around us.

This retreat is for those who seek a deeper connection with nature, a renewed sense of self, and a path to holistic living. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, an herbalism enthusiast, or simply someone yearning for a transformative escape, the retreat welcomes all who wish to harvest the abundance of the autumn season and nourish their mind, body, and soul. 

let’s embrace renewal, cultivate abundance, and immerse ourselves in the connection of community

8:45a - Arrival


9:15a - Movement, Breathwork, and Meditation Practice: We will begin the day with a welcome circle, followed by an explorative breathwork session, enlivening yoga practice, and a relaxing guided meditation. Find inner harmony amid the tranquil autumn-colored surroundings.


11:30a - Light Lunch: Savor a warm and nourishing lunch made with love, featuring seasonal soup made with locally grown and farm-fresh ingredients. Served with freshly baked Hawk + Sparrow bread. Fuel and nourish your body with the tastes of the harvest season. 


12:30p - Rest or Time for Journaling: Take a moment to reflect, unwind, or capture your thoughts in your journal. Enjoy a moment of pause as you embrace the serenity of the day.


1:00p - Foraging Hike: Immerse yourself in the wonders of the fall foilage as you embark on a gentle, guided foraging hike. Discover some of the herbs available in the Wasatch mountains, and learn to reciprocally and respectfully wild-harvest. 


2:45p - Herbal Creations Class: Get hands-on in our herbal creations class, where you'll craft your very own herbal self-care product. 


5:00p - Holistic Health Workshop "Season of Abundance": Deepen your understanding of holistic health as we discuss the seasonal transition from fall to winter, and how to support and nourish your body utilizing the natural abundance of the harvest season. We will also explore having an abundance-centered mindset in your self-growth and personal development journey.  


6:00p - Chef-Prepared Dinner: Be treated to a gourmet dinner and dessert expertly prepared by our talented chef, featuring delicious, locally-sourced ingredients from Casperville Creations farm. This meal will again highlight the abundant nourishment that is found naturally in a seasonally-centered diet. 


7:00p - Rest or Time for Journaling: Take a moment to rest and digest, both your nourishing meal and the experiences of your day. 


7:30p - Guided Drum + Fire Ceremony: As the sun sets, join a fireside guided drum ceremony to connect with the innate rhythms of the earth. Reconnect with your own internal rhythms alongside your inner flame as we come together for a transformative ceremony, releasing what no longer serves us and embracing the abundance already alive in our lives. 


9:00p - Day Retreat Departures


Overnight guests may enjoy a warming herbal bath in the privacy of their rooms (herbal bath supplies provided), or a soak in the hot tub beneath the stars. 

October 28th Day Retreat Itinerary: 

October 29th Itinerary (reserved for overnight guests)

7:30am - Sunrise Breathwork + Meditation: Greet the day with a revitalizing sunrise breathwork and meditation session, setting the tone for a day of continued abundance.


8:30am - Light Breakfast: Enjoy a nourishing breakfast to energize your morning.


10:00am - Overnight Guest Departures: As your retreat comes to a close, depart with a renewed spirit, a refreshed mindset, and a refueled body. 


Note: Retreat schedule may be subject to minor adjustments in order to create the best possible retreat experience.

sundance, utah


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Hi, I'm Erin

I'm Erin, your guide for this transformative autumn retreat experience. As a Certified Professional Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Therapist, I have over fifteen years of holistic wellness expertise. I'm a devoted mom to two incredible souls, and they remind me daily of the importance of nurturing ourselves and the world around us. I am my happiest in the great outdoors, where I draw inspiration and reverence for the natural world. Holistic living is my passion. Through my teaching, I share the wisdom of mindful living and highlight the importance of fostering a deeper and more wholesome connection to your body, mind, and spirit. I also honor the significance of rest, rejuvenation, and renewal, which is what has led me to create and host this retreat. In a world that never seems to stop, I highly value the moments of stillness and self-care that rejuvenate the soul. Join me on this retreat, and together, let's harvest the abundance of autumn, embrace holistic living, and carve out precious moments for rest and renewal amidst life's beautiful chaos.

the harvest season is inviting you to renew, reset, rest, and reconnect with nature’s rhythms.

meet bonnie gene

harvest dinner


My name is Bonnie G. Wallace, your chef for this incredible retreat. As an Ayurvedic Medicine Counselor, Functional Medicine Consultant, Holistic Chef and Tantric Yoga Teacher, I methodically weave together Eastern and Western therapies for truly holistic root-cause healthcare solutions that are appropriate for the esoteric, and the evidenced-based seeker. The programs I’ve developed in the last 16 years of study and practice were born out of a desire to bridge the gap between the physical, mental and spiritual models of health and provide comprehensive solutions that treat the body, mind and spirit as one. Treating the body, mind and spirit in silos is a thing of the past!  Imagine - customized nutrition is finally easy and delicious, your energy is vibrant, your mind and digestive system are calm and resilient, and your actions align with your heart's desires to shape a life full of personal power, freedom and joy. I can't wait for you to experience this reality!



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day retreat only - $325

overnight shared room - $450

overnight private room - $555


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