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earthy-embodiment wellness collective

embrace holistic living with the

As a mother and wife, I know the importance of prioritizing my self-care.

Without a doubt, self-care is the one thing that enables me to be and feel my best as a mother to my two sweet little ones and a partner to my husband. Without it, I’m entirely lost. 

It is all too easy to focus all of our time and energy on our loved ones while forgetting to meet our own most basic needs.

But no one - not even the most resolute - can pour from an empty cup. 

Holistic living has taught me the magic and harmony of nourishing myself so that I may provide nourishment to my family. When I care for myself, I am caring for them. What benefits me, benefits my most important relationships. My family deserves to have me at my best, and I deserve to feel my best. And this is why the holistic healing methods of this collective are made easy to implement within your home.


You will confidently be able to care for those who mean the most to you as you care for yourself

you belong here...

> where the medicine of movement meets the art of holistic living

> where you find your safe haven for finding your rhythm

> where you can deeply connect with like-minded souls who get you

> where self-discovery and personal growth await you

> where self-care becomes a way of being, not an item on your to-do list

> where you can nurture + nourish your body + mind in the ways it deserves

this community was hand-created just for you-
for all of us longing for a holistic approach to wellness and a loving community to share it with.

This collective was crafted from my heart and soul.

It’s more than just another membership.


I had a vision for a gathering of kindred individuals coming together to make a commitment to a more holistic way of living and being. I see our entwined community coming together to support each other in building healthier lives, families, and homes. I see each of us on a path to self-mastery as we connect with others who understand our yearnings and aspirations. 


This is YOUR chance to prioritize your own health, well-being, and care once and for all.


the things that deeply nourish you
will also nourish your family


nice to meet you!


I'm Erin

Erin Seamons

CEO & Founder of Earthy Erin

Certified Professional Holistic Health Coach

& Yoga Therapist


I'm Erin, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to the Earthy-Embodiment Wellness Collective. With over fifteen years of experience in the wellness field, I'm here to guide you on a journey toward the vitality, balance, and deep connection you are craving. 

Beyond being a wellness practitioner, I'm a mom to two amazing tiny humans. My approach to well-being blends intellect, research, and a good dose of intuition. I'm all about embracing life's adventures and thriving in the great outdoors. From movement and nourishing foods to mindful breath and stillness – I'm truly in love with the art of being present in my body and teaching that to others. And that is what the Earthy-Embodiment Wellness Collective is all about! 

 In creating the Collective, I found I had a deep-seated passion and an unwavering belief in the power of holistic living.

I had lived it. I had experienced its transformative powers in my own life.

And I knew I had to create a community where others could do the same. 

Growing up in Midway, I was blessed to spend my childhood surrounded by the beauty of nature. I loved the simple joys of swimming in Snake Creek, riding bikes through fields of cows and horses, and camping beneath the mountains that created my container of "home." These experiences instilled in me a profound appreciation for the natural world, and a yearning to live in harmony with it. 

However, I found myself edging closer and closer to an adulthood of bustling chaos and endless distraction. There was a stark contrast between the serenity and simplicity of my childhood memories and the hectic pace of modern life. And I began to see how holistic living could be all too easily overlooked or deemed too complicated to integrate into my busy adult routines - our busy adult routines. I knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap. 

The idea for the Earthy-Embodiment Wellness Collective stemmed from a desire to create a supportive community where holistic living wasn't something just for the most enlightened, but instead a tangible, everyday reality. I envisioned a community where people of all ages and lifestyles could come together, learn, and grow while embracing holistic practices that promote whole-self well-being. 

I am determined to make holistic living accessible to everyone. It isn't about perfection; it is about education and steady progress. I want to simplify the journey for you, offering guidance and resources that will make it easy for you to create a healthier home and lead a healthier life.

Through the Earthy-Embodiment Wellness Collective, it is my goal to build a nurturing community where we can all share in our holistic wellness journey together, supporting one another every step of the way. I want to share the wisdom of nature, practices of mindfulness, and the joy of holistic living with all who are eager to embrace it.

With the Earthy-Embodiment Membership, I hope to inspire and empower YOU to connect with the natural world, prioritize YOUR well-being, and create not just a home but an entire life that radiates health, harmony, and happiness.


kind words

Erin is an absolute GEM of a human!  I was lucky enough to do a 6-week program with her where I learned so much about myself.  Erin has a vast amount wisdom and knowledge about a variety of things, which makes her incredibly well-rounded when it comes to serving others.  She is thoughtful and intentional in the way that she curates her lessons, and she guides in a way that is easy to take in.  I have done so much inner work and countless trainings and lessons with other teachers/trainers, but Erin’s program really stands out and is so unique because it incorporates many schools of thought and focuses on all parts of the being instead of just one.

She really has a WHOLE-istic approach to wellness!  

I am grateful for what I have learned from Erin and can’t wait to learn more!

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 7.37.51 AM.png


Limited space remains!

Your journey towards a holistic life begins NOW!
This is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself, nourish your body, and revitalize your spirit in every sense.

secure your spot today - they won't last long!


Monthly Price: ONLY $88


let's talk investment.

Think of how easily you can spend $100. That’s one night eating out, one trip to Target, one tank of gas, one concert ticket, one mindless late-night Amazon purchase. It goes SO fast! And it’s not that we don’t deserve these things! Each of them has their time and place…..but so does your health. And your health is an investment that cannot afford to wait until you’re ready to make the spend. Your best and most vital whole-self health is waiting for you! Above all else, you deserve to flourish in every aspect of your being.

So, I challenge you to set aside just $88 each month for your well-being. Think of it as your personal health savings account, an investment in yourself that pays you back with increased vitality and joy. This is an allocation for your greater health + wellness goals and for the well-being of your home. 

are you ready to commit to your best year + best self yet?

unlock a balanced life full of vitality with
the earthy-embodiment wellness collective 

Are you ready to prioritize your well-being, immerse yourself in a holistic healing journey like no other, and foster a profound connection with your inner self and a powerful community of individuals?  If you're nodding along, I cannot wait to welcome you into the Earthy-Embodiment Wellness Collective. This Collective is your sanctuary for personal growth and wellness.


Don't miss out!

Act now to secure your spot and take advantage of our


say yes to nourishing your mind, body + soul.
say yes to the earthy-embodiment wellness collective.


As a newbie to yoga, I’ve enjoyed each experience I’ve shared in Erin’s classes. Each one is unique & challenging in different ways.  I always leave restored and well nourished.  My mental & physical health in tact and I’m able to achieve deep relaxation each time. Erin truly is special at her craft.

mary h.


Erin guides from a place of deep practice. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and integrate with the mind, body, spirit relationship. There is a safety felt deep in my body to be in Erin’s presence and offerings.


I always leave class with Erin feeling more atuned to my body, my breath, my mind. I leave feeling more embodied. Erin always makes the challenging work of healing so accessible and simple, and yet I've experienced big shifts in my health as a result.


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