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Earth Rhythms Reset

A 6-month community healing immersion designed to reset your rhythm and transform your life.


can you relate to this right now?

You want greater security and peace in the way you experience life

You are craving a big shift in the way you create your reality

You are seeking a life that is beyond your fingertips, the one you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

You feel that your power has been halted in creating the big and full life you desire

If you want to create a life that aligns with your highest visions, biggest dreams and wildest manifestations, then…

This transformational experience is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

This is an intimate holistic health and yoga journey for the human who is ready to:

dive into the transformational power of community

establish a holistic way of living

once and for all

devotedly pursue the life they’ve always longed for

6 life-changing months to: 

restructure your routines

reset your boundaries

and re-ignite the role of ritual in your life 

so that you can begin to live a life aligned with your deepest desires

are you ready for radical change?


nice to meet you!


I'm Erin

Hi, I’m Erin Seamons


CEO & Founder of Earthy Erin

Certified Professional Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Therapist


I have been working in the health and wellness industry for over fourteen years and in the last two years, I have finally discovered the transformational power of routine, ritual and boundary in my own life. 

I have taken an endless number of courses and completed many certifications and while they explained the importance of planned routine and the practice of ritual, they fell short of supporting me in the application of these skills. 


In my head, I knew the principles. In my body, it was a different story. 


My health would come in peaks and valleys, and it wasn’t always a result of being inconsistent but instead from lacking intentionality in how I navigated my day. 


And this is where the Earth Rhythms Reset program was created. 


I wanted to create a framework for helping real humans, like you, to establish the routines that lead to better holistic health, the boundaries to ensure these routines remain intact, and the rituals that enable us to celebrate living the life of our highest vision ……all while receiving the guidance and support you deserve in your personal health journey.


I will be your guide, and your biggest cheerleader. 

I am here for you. 


I am an intellectualist and researcher at my core, with a heavy dose of intuition mixed in. I have an unbridled zest for big life experiences, and a “hell yes” attitude to nearly every kind of adventure. 


My work is centered upon being embodied in our choices. 

I believe in living a life aligned with the being that sustains our flesh and skin and bones and heart - the being of Mother Earth. 


I live with wild desire, always seeking to match my outer reality to the depths of my inner dreaming. 


Because if we don’t live to see our dreams come true, then what are we even doing here?

kind words

Erin is an absolute GEM of a human!  I was lucky enough to do a 6-week program with her where I learned so much about myself.  Erin has a vast amount wisdom and knowledge about a variety of things, which makes her incredibly well-rounded when it comes to serving others.  She is thoughtful and intentional in the way that she curates her lessons, and she guides in a way that is easy to take in.  I have done so much inner work and countless trainings and lessons with other teachers/trainers, but Erin’s program really stands out and is so unique because it incorporates many schools of thought and focuses on all parts of the being instead of just one.

She really has a WHOLE-istic approach to wellness!  

I am grateful for what I have learned from Erin and can’t wait to learn more!

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 7.37.51 AM.png


picture yourself going from:

Feeling stuck, stagnant,

and lacking joy 


Finally aligning your heart with your desires so that you feel fully alive in your life.

Lacking purpose and feeling trapped in unhealthy and unhelpful patterning


Breaking free from harmful habits so that you begin to harness true abundance and feel completely free in your life choices.

Feeling unfulfilled and unsure of how to initiate change


Believing in your innate ability to match desire with action in creating the life you've always desired.


What you will experience:

  • Expand your self-care tool kit and learn new healing modalities so that you may impactfully change your health for good. 

  • Deepen your understanding of the traditions of Yoga so that you may live a life full of ease, alignment and integrity

  • Stop “trying it all” when it comes to your health because you finally understand how to nourish yourself in a holistic way

  • This is an opportunity to deeply examine your personal habits, routines and boundaries so that you may establish a new way of living, a new way of being yourself in the world.

  • Allow me to support you through the re-discovery of your biggest dreams and highest visions for yourself, and the work required to align your daily actions with the desires of your heart.

  • This journey is designed for the person who is unbelievably bold and brave - someone who is radically ready to create the life of their biggest dreams in the here and now.


let me take you there


Earth Rhythms Reset



ONE radically powerful experience for restructuring your life as you know it - ONE routine, ONE ritual, and ONE boundary at a time.


here's what you can look forward to

Desire + Mindset


  • Learn to approach whole-self health from the perspectives of Shamanism and the Native American Medicine Wheel

  • Gain a comprehension of Earth-based medicines, such as elemental medicine, plant medicine, and animal medicine 

  • Explore the concepts of routine, boundary and ritual with a fresh perspective and lens of clarity

  • Receive through the medicine of guided movement, breath and meditation practices that you can complete anywhere, anytime

  • Enjoy a monthly retreat amidst the most supportive community you can imagine



Habit + Routine




  • Learn about the role of habit and routine in daily living and their impact upon your holistic life 

  • Explore self care practices from the traditions of yoga, ayurvedic applications and chinese medicine principles

  • Navigate the Direction of East on the Medicine Wheel, along with its elemental, plan and animal medicines

  • Receive through the medicine of guided movement, breath and meditation recordings to support exploration of the Direction of East, along with its elemental, plant and animal medicines

  • Enjoy a monthly retreat amidst the most supportive community you can imagine featuring: Drum Medicine and Sound Healing journey

  • Nourishing meal plan development

Cleanse + Clear


  • Advance your understanding of boundaried living

  • Receive through the medicine of guided movement, breath and meditation recordings to support exploration of the Direction of South, along with its elemental, plant and animal medicines

  • Explore how movement, breath and meditation can aid us in fully experiencing and moving through the physical and mental components of emotion

  • Learn to construct your own daily breathwork routine to support and nourish your nervous system all day long

  • Enjoy a monthly retreat amidst the most supportive community you can imagine featuring: energetic chord-cutting ritual and a fire ceremony





Shift + Sift


  • Learn to assess your routines and establishment and expression of your boundaries 

  • Receive through the medicine of guided movement, breath and meditation recordings to support exploration of the Direction of West, along with its elemental, plant and animal medicines 

  • Explore how movement, breath and meditation can bring about mental calmness and clarity

  • Establish a mediation routine that is boundaried and ritualistic

  • Enjoy a monthly retreat amidst the most supportive community you can imagine featuring: Spirit Guide and Power Animal Journey

Root + Restructure


  • Advance your understanding of the role of ritual and ceremony in your daily living

  • Receive through the medicine of guided movement, breath and meditation recordings to support exploration of the Direction of North, along with its elemental, plant and animal medicines

  • Explore how movement, breath and meditation can be used as spiritual expression and for resourcing Great Spirit 

  • Discover prayer and blessing practices for beginning to see your Dreams as an active part of your Reality already

  • Enjoy a monthly retreat amidst the most supportive community you can imagine featuring: Medicine Shield and Manifestation Board practices





Aligned + Alive


  • Get impeccably and incredibly clear as you arrive at the answer to:

What do I actually want for myself in this one incredible life I’m living? 

  • Develop a written personal contract that reflects your routines goals, establishes boundaries and brings ritual back into your life 

  • Develop a framework for “Dreams as My Reality” statement


  • 3-30min individual coaching sessions to awaken desire, identify potential or perceived barriers, and establish a holistic health pathway 

  • Access to online community where you can ask questions anytime, and share about your experience

  • Earth Rhythms Reading List

  • Full Moon Ritual Guide

  • Seasonal Living Routine & Ritual Guide

  • Custom directional journal prompts and self-discovery exercises

  • Weekly empowerment affirmations


Do you want to feel incredible, vital, and better than

ever before in your life?

Are you feeling called to change the structure of your life because your old habits and routines are no longer supporting you?

Come experience the alchemical process for transcribing your mundane health into complete vitality.


Nothing compares to the reward of prioritizing the health of your entire being in your daily life so that you may feel completely and totally alive in it!



Now is the time to say yes to yourself - your body, your mind, and your heart.

Are you ready to live the Earth Rhythms medicine? 


You are your greatest healer. 

You deserve to be back at the helm of your healing.


This immersion is designed to transcend the narrowly-focused allopathic lens of health so that we may see ourselves in the fullness of our human complexity and the wholeness of our being. 


You are not broken. 

You do not need fixing. 


You are designed for healing.

It is both your destiny and your responsibility. 

Saying YES to this immersion means claiming your greatest healing capacity as a free agent in creating the life you so desperately want for yourself - one where deep embodiment guides you, carefully crafted routines nourish you, boundaries keep you impeccably safe, and ritual allows you the chance to relish in it all.

why now?

If you’re asking yourself…..

Is now really the right time? 


The right question to be asking is….

Get quiet. Be still. Now listen. 

There is your knowing. 


If your own healing work excites your soul, then this is the community-centered container for you.


You will not leave the same person you arrived as.  This immersion will bring you closer to yourself than maybe ever before.  And in that, you may find challenges. 


But I know one thing to be true about our role in our healing journies: 

We can do hard things. 

You can do hard things. 


So the better question you should be asking yourself is:

if you don’t prioritize your whole self today, when will you? 


The longer we wait to begin our healing journies, the more disconnected we become from our dreams. 


Profound and lasting change awaits you. 

Your dream life is ready for you.

Is this what your heart really wants?

I'm here to walk the healing path with you.


As a newbie to yoga, I’ve enjoyed each experience I’ve shared in Erin’s classes. Each one is unique & challenging in different ways.  I always leave restored and well nourished.  My mental & physical health in tact and I’m able to achieve deep relaxation each time. Erin truly is special at her craft.

mary h.


Erin guides from a place of deep practice. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and integrate with the mind, body, spirit relationship. There is a safety felt deep in my body to be in Erin’s presence and offerings.


I always leave class with Erin feeling more atuned to my body, my breath, my mind. I leave feeling more embodied. Erin always makes the challenging work of healing so accessible and simple, and yet I've experienced big shifts in my health as a result.


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